Beautiful Armenia


Despite of its dramatic landscapes, rich and interesting history, beautiful culture, cheap food and hotels, and friendly and warm people, Armenia located in the middle of Asia, Europe, and Russia is still unknown to a lot of travelers.

I visited this humble country last April 10 to 13, 2018 in the middle of our VAT reporting in the UAE and boy, I think I was having a suicide. The night before my flight, I was drafting three (3) VAT Returns for our company and that I have to submit on the day of my flight. Imagine, three companies with multiple transactions to reconcile! It was very stressful and I have to work double time or else I have to drop this vacation to finish everything. To cut this drama short, I was not able to get some sleep and was still working in the airport. I am not complaining though, actually I was glad that despite of this I was still able to visit this beautiful country and submit the due reports on time šŸ˜›


Why not? Since I am a Filipina who only knew and encountered summer and rainy seasons throughout my life, I wanted to experience the snow. Unfortunately, April is already springtime in Armenia and the snow is already melting. However, the sea of white is now replaced with the sea of dandelions, tulips, and other wild grasses. So… dadabog pa ba ako?!


Filipinos are welcome to enter the glorious gates of Armenia as we will be granted with 21 days visit visa upon airport arrival. You only have to pay 7 USD and voila, your good to go. Just don’t act weird or do something bad that may caught their attention and they might kick you out of their country (hehe).


A BIG YES! Armenia is generally safe but to be honest, I encountered something bad while touring around St. Gregory Church (more on this on my next blog post). However, despite of that incident, I find their country neat, proper, and safe.


Armenia is a cheap country to travel. You will find yourself savoring into pork BBQs, fresh salads, big slices of pizzas and burgers at lesser price. Armenians are fond of organic and natural food; thus, if you are a health conscious person, this is your perfect place to travel.

Going back to my travel cost, I spent around AED 3,000 for this travel from UAE to Armenia. However, do not be shocked! I know the amount is jaw dropping but this amount is my total cost including my 3 days travel to Georgia. I forgot to tell you that I traveled Armenia and Georgia for 7 days as my boss approved my 8 days leave. So I grabbed the chance to visit these countries at once.

This amount already includes 3-days stay in a 4-star hotel for both countries, roundtrip airfare tickets, minivan transfer from Armenia to Georgia (lunch is included), daily tours, fancy lunch and dinners :), and pasalubongs. However, I believe you can do better than me when it comes to cost savings. You can book at a cheaper hotel and eat at restaurants with cheaper prices.


I will be posting three blog posts for this travel in Armenia – each detailing out the places that I went to. So please follow my next blog posts..


Because of this guy, I had some of the best experiences and good pictures in Armenia. My tour guide is Johan Hernandez, a Filipino who was based before in the UAE and is already planning to settle down in this country. You can contact him through WhatsApp, Viber, and Instagram. See his contact details below:

* WhatApp: +971527390053
* Viber: +37455545449
* Instagram: @biyahe_now_viaje_armenia, @tours_in_armenia_yerevan

If there is a place I want to settle down when the god of the old age will call me, I will choose Armenia and the Philippines in a heartbeat.


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