Vibrant Georgia

Just like Armenia, Georgia is a Christian country that is located in between Europe and Asia. A former Soviet Union country that is home of the Great Caucasus, its mountaineous topography will leave your mind and heart in awe and the warthm and sincerity of its people will make you love this country even more.

When I visited Georgia last April 13 to 16, the weather was very cold that my weather apps in my mobile is telling me that the temperature is 5° but it will feel like its 0°. So, bring all the winter clothes with you when visiting this month as the cold weather may spoil your vacation.


My initial plan when I applied for vacation leave was to go home in the Philippines but since the airfare ticket skyrocketted like crazy, I planned to visit Armenia instead. When I did my research and know that Georgia is just 5 hours drive away from Armenia, that triggered me to visit this country as well.


If you a Philippine-passport holder like me, there is no need for you to apply for a visa. However, they still checked my UAE working visa. I do not know if this is their standard procedure but I do know that this is a visa-free country for Filipinos.

Since I am coming from Armenia, you will have to cross land borders between these two countries and immigration offices were stationed there where your passports will be stamped. The immigration officer of Georgia are not too nice as they do not smile and after stamping my passport, he handed it over to me impolitely. I find it rude.


Yes it is. I didn’t encounter any harassment in Georgia and although before coming in to this country, I’ve been warned to look for my things and be aware of overpriced taxis, I didn’t experience any of that at all. Instead, I find Georgian people as nice and warm and they are very helpful.


Just like Armenia, Georgia is a very cheap country to travel. Everything is cheap and the food, OMG, it was very tasty and fresh. For example, for AED 20, you can only buy 2 pieces of fried chicken with rice here in the UAE but in Georgia, this is already the price for a feast. I was very impressed with their food of how delicious and affortable it is. Unfortunately, I was not able to use a public transport while touring this place so I have nothing to share with you about the cost of their transportation.


Please follow my next posts for the details of the places that I went to 🙂 pictures above are just a preview of what to expect in this lovely country


I booked my travel excursions with Holiday Factory for 4 days at 99 USD. This already includes van transport, an English speaking guide, and lunch. I must say that their tour guides are very helpful, informative, and friendly. They will really try to explain the history of the places and make you experience their culture. I will forever be grateful to Salome, Gulnara, and Khatia for the great tour. I am planning to be back in the future, if my money will allow me to do so 🙂


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