Don’t Go to Georgia….

…If you are a person who doesn’t love nature, history, and food; well I am sorry but this country is not for you!

As much as I want to share with you right now my travel adventures with this beautiful country, I am very busy these past few days lately. I am trying to squeeze some time for writing but for the meantime, please enjoy the video πŸ™‚


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  1. CoffeexNotes says:

    Hey, I just checked out your blog. I opened and literally fell in love with the layout of your blog! ❀ I've also been to Georgia, and it is definitely not for me, hahahaha. I'm a city girl and found myself antsy. We were only there for a day, too. Hahaha!


    1. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation πŸ™‚ I spent 4 days in Georgia and i find it as a very lovely country. Well, not everyone has the same taste right? Hihihi..


  2. masterclauie says:

    OMG te! i just noticed you upgraded your blog and got yourself your very own domain (Im jealous). This is so great! keep blogging! I’m your no. 1 fan :))))


    1. Hahaha.. but i’m so busy these past days claud that it is so difficult to get some time for writing.. hihihi.. weekend is coming so expect me to flood some posts.. hehehe

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      1. masterclauie says:

        yasss πŸ™‚ will be expecting it by next week hahaha.


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