Doodle of the Day: Selfie in the Mountains

A place that you dreamt for the longest time deserves an award-winning selfie. Who would have thought that you can make this far? You might be a loser at some point in your life but this does not mean that you can’t win because you can. Treat yourself well and glorify your Creator. Advertisements

Doodle of the Day: A Happy Single

The world will not stop for a girl with a broken heart so continue living and find your happiness in whatever that makes you “you”.

Little Miss Fairy

This couple maybe too young to start a new family and build a new home but love knows no age, no boundaries, no limits. Taken from my Canon 1200d, this is just a simple photoshoot as my gift to Farrah (the baby).

Doodle of the Day: Girl with a Purple Hair

Saw a random picture in the internet – a girl having a purple hair and how I wish to wear this one someday… in this very instance, I drew my frustrations away 🙂