Please do not expect me to accept you again, I have no intention of knowing you once more. Stay where you are and please accept that it will never be the same again. I am so much better now and I deserve my peace!   Advertisements


When will our eyes meet again? A question only destiny can tell. It has been a while, my friend, But my heart is still under your spell.   I’ve been trying to forget you, And I am sorry because I failed to. I guess you will just stay in my memory, Until you will become…

Doodle of the Day: The Fall

You are falling into space, Gradually and slowly. You are defying gravity, And you thought you’ll land safely.  

How to Pursue Your Passion?

When I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer or a painter but it was not economically practical. I came from a family with a meager income and as much as my mom and dad wanted to support me with this career, they couldn’t. I have to sacrifice my dreams and choose another…

Doodle of the Day: A Look of Hope for the Future

Life was good until we decided to leave our comfort zones. The path is uncertain and the road is bumpy but never lose sight of the opportunity that is awaiting for you. Nobody said that this would be easy but this would worth it.

Don’t Let the World Consume You

The world may change, People will come and some will go. Opportunities may seem endless, Life is great and sometimes not. You are blessed and loved, You have everything. But you have forgotten. That someone has sacrificed His life in the cross, To redeem our sins and give us everlasting life. Let your love for…

A Cold Summer

The sun is out and the wind is warm, But why can’t I feel its charm? The feeling should be as bright as the sunlight, But something is telling me that this is not right.